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Founder's Cup










Awarded annually to an outstanding individual who thought unselfish dedication and initiative has mirrored the efforts and visions of the Founders of the Skidmore Polo Program. Winners are selected by SPC coaches.


1988 Jennifer Donnelly

1989 William Orthwein

1990 Tabitha LeClair

1991 Gavin Bowie

1992 Lexie Marquis

1993 Randall Grace

1994 Hilliary LeFevre

1995 Sarah Bower, Elizabeth Hines, Kim McGann

1996 Breccia Cressman

1997 Hilliary Lefevre

1998 Susan Evans, Jessica Kuszaj

1999 Dawn Baker

2000 Amber McAllister

2001 Amber McAllister

2002 Belinda Colgan

2003 Jason Menzel

2004 Gabrielle Moshier

2005 Catie Hennessey

2006 Tyler Vukmer

2007 Dan Haro

2008 Kathleen Mconkey

2009 Liz Holson and Dan Haro

2010 Dan Haro

2011 Megan Paget-Brown

2012 Sarah Hunter

2013 Bill Miller

2014 AJ Newell

2015 Bill Miller

2016 Meggie Danielson

2017 Daisy Culkins and Alexandria Armstrong

2018 Isabelle Bertolozzi and Aaron Schneider

2019 Abby Ciccarone

2021 Ruth Witmer and Liam Lott

2022 Ben Bruce

2023 Nettie Miller



Given annually to one member of the Skidmore Polo Club as determined by vote of the club base on the following criteria.

Recipient's name is engraved on trophy. Recipient is given a polo mallet with head painted purple with yellow stripes.


The Betsey Languish Memorial Award is to be awarded to a member of the Polo Club who exhibits selfless dedication, leadership, and involvement within the club and outside pursuits as well as being sociable, enthusiastic, and optimistic.


1999 Derek Gregor

2000 Amber McAllister

2001 Martin Voshell

2002 Insley Julier

2003 Kelsey McCutcheon

2004 Gabrielle Moshier

2005 Jason Menzel

2006 Tyler Vulkmer

2007 Kathleen McConkey

2008 Dan Haro

2009 Margaret Relle

2010 Valerie Schwartz

2011 Megan Paget-Brown

2012 Sarah Hunter

2013 Kim Durling

2014 Bill Miller

2015 Meggie Danielson

2016 Daisy Culkins

2017 Alexandria Armstrong

2018 Isabelle Bertolozzi

2019 Jen Maselli

2022 Freida Witmer

2023 Elizabeth Cavallon

Betsey Languish Memorial Award
Parsnips Award

Skidmore Polo Horse appreciation and acknowledgment award


The Parsnips Award acknowledges and honors those faithful ponies who have given outstanding service to Skidmore Polo.


The trophy was donated by past coaches Paul and Wayne Kant in 2003 to honor their horse Parsnips who was a member of the original Skidmore string in 1973. Parsnips lived to be 31 years old.


This award may honor a horse who has been a best playing pony or one who has been a soldier in carrying beginner players.


A winner is selected each year by coaches and club president and awarded at the annual Skidmore Polo Alumni banquet.


2003 Christina

2004 ET

2005 Morita

2006 Wasabi

2007 Class

2008 Austrous

2009 Annie and Pablo

2010 BJ and Crystal

2011 Gaucho

2012 Missy

2013 Lulu and Nevada

2014 Mare’

2015 Sonya

2016 Daisy

2017  Divo

2018 Bonita

2019 Titanic

2022 Clarita

2023 Steve

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