Skidmore Polo Alumni Celebration Weekend

~45th Anniversary~

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It is with great disappointment that I officially announce cancellation of the Skidmore Polo Alumni Celebration Weekend that was to be presented by EPIC this year in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the club. We were really looking forward to celebrating together with alumni from across the years, across the country and around the world. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is forcing a distance between us and we will have to look toward future gatherings and celebrations.   

Skidmore students returned home a few days ago and are finishing the year with online classes.  The ponies are at their winter boarding facilities until April 1st at which time we will be moving them back to Bloomfield Farm and caring for them until summer leases begin.  


This is an especially difficult time for our seniors who did not get to compete in their final northeastern regional tournament where both men and women were seeded second to Cornell or to say goodbye to their Skidmore community.  It’s also a difficult time as the club depends on raising significant money through alumni celebration weekend, a USPA fundraising grant that we now cannot collect and spring club programming.  This, on top of the $8,000 cut to the club’s SGA budget that was imposed last year, means we are struggling to close the year out with a $0 balance. Those who RSVP’d early for the Skidmore Polo Alumni Celebration Weekend have already made an annual donation to the club and most have increased their donation by allowing the club to keep their $50 dinner fee as a donation as well.  Skidmore Polo has proven its resilience time and time again lead by the support of passionate dedicated alumni.  The EPIC board invites you to make an annual donation of any amount to Skidmore Polo/EPIC on behalf of your amazing memories, support of this difficult year and hope toward the future.  You can update your Skidmore Polo/EPIC contact record and make a donation via the link above.

If you find yourself in Saratoga before in the coming months when some form of normalcy returns to our lives, please give Will and I a shout, come by Bloomfield for a tour and we’ll do our best to get you on a horse and swinging a mallet again. 

Thank you for your support and positive energy.  


Be Well, 


Tab Orthwein

EPIC, Executive Director

Skidmore Polo ‘91






Meet up with friends on your own.  

Beware the lure of Caroline Street on your first night!

SATURDAY, May 2, 11 AM 

Alumni and Senior Chukkers 

Bloomfield Farm Arena

20 Bloomfield Road, Saratoga Springs NY

Sign up for chukkers using the RSVP link

or just come and cheer on your fellow alums.  

6:45 PM.  

Alumni Dinner and Awards Banquet 

Location TBA

This evening features club updates and awarding of the Founder's Cup, Betsey Languish Memorial Award, Parsnips Award and maybe....the Alumni Spirit Award!  Parents and friends are welcome to attend as well.

Dinner tickets must be purchased in advance online (by 4/20/20). 


Late Night Downtown

Unofficial post-banquet meet-up is at Gaffneys and then who knows where from there.

SUNDAY, May 3, 11 AM

Skidmore Polo Club Alumni Advisory Board

AND Equine Polo Instructional Center Executive Board Meetings

At Orthwein residence

Skidmore Polo outgoing/incoming officers are invited to attend.

Skidmore Polo Alumni Advisory Board

Jed Lavitt '77                 

Leighton Jordan '78     

Jennifer Donnelly '90

Tabitha Orthwein '91    

William Orthwein '92 

Lexie Marquis '93

Dan Haro '10                  

Max Nager '10

Mission Statement: The goal of the Skidmore Polo Club Alumni Advisory Board is to provide mentorship, leadership, and consistency of management and operations to the student run Skidmore Polo Club. The SPCAAB will help student officers of the Club transition the program as students naturally come into and graduate from the team. The SPCAAB will provide a network of dedicated alumni who have a breadth of equine and business knowledge and ability to provide mentorship and leadership to the officers of the Skidmore Polo Club as well as to coaching staff. 


Skidmore Polo Club Alumni Advisory Board Member Responsibility: The Skidmore Polo Club Alumni Advisory Board will meet or conference call at time of formation and will gather for a formal meeting with current and incoming Skidmore Polo Club officers each year on Skidmore Polo Alumni Weekend.


In addition each Skidmore Polo Club Alumni Advisory Board member will be responsible for mentoring and advising student leaders who are responsible for one or more of six areas identified as needing support:  budget, horse care, string management, coach/venue agreements, alumni outreach and USPA grant research. Mentoring/advising will involve checking in with the student leader(s) responsible for one or more of these areas on a regular basis by email and/or phone.

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