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1990 Women's National Champions
1989 Women's National Championship Team

Left to Right:  Colorado players 1-4, Danny Scheraga

Coach Holly Holleran, Jennifer Donnelly, Loring Piper, Jennifer Jonssen, and Rose Lansbury

"Player of the Year" Awards


The Polo Training Foundation Award winners are selected through their participation in the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic programs of the United States Polo Association and are based on the following criteria:


I. Playing Ability

A. Horsemanship

B. Mallet Work

C. Team Work

D. Comprehension of Game

II.  Contribution to the Sport

A. Leadership

B. Commitment 

C. Assistance to new Players

III. Sportsmanship

A. Conduct in and out of the playing Arena

B. Knowledge of the rules and their enforcement

C. A Positive Attitude

1987 Thomas Lach, Skidmore Polo
1990 Loring Piper, Skidmore Polo 
1992  William Orthwein, Skidmore Polo
Skidmore College Hall of Fame Induction 2014

This legendary team embarked on an extraordinary journey that would redefine Women's Polo, and elevate the Thoroughbreds to National Champions-the first Skidmore team in any sport ever to earn that honor.  Just a year after barely escaping reclassification as a club sport and coached by new graduate Holly Holleran '88, this determined team faced down a string of formidable regional and national competitors in United Staes Polo Association tournament play.  

The women captured the Eastern Regional Championships, besting host team and favorite Cornell.  In Ft. Worth, Texas, the Thoroughbreds won their first-round game against Tulane by the widest margin ever at Nationals, 27-6.  In the second round, Skidmore toppled top rival Yale 17-14, advancing to the Championship Match.  In a dramatic 19--13 victory over Colorado State, dubbed by tournament officials as "the slaughter of Colorado" the Thoroughbreds claimed the USPA National Title.  

They would go on to capture the Reserve National Champion Title in 1990

Jennifer Donnelly '90

Jennifer Johnsen '92

Loring Piper '90

Rose Lansbury '90

Coach: Holly Holleran '88

Men's Team Runners Up
Women's Horsemanship Award
Men's Horsemanship Award
2022 USPA Division II Nationals

2022 USPA Division II National Intercollegiate Championships

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