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History of Skidmore Polo Club

Skidmore Polo was founded in 1975 by Leighton Jordan, Jed Lavitt, Sean Colquhoun and Stan Kozlowski.

Skidmore Polo's home was Skidmore's Van Lennep Stables until 1992 when the college changed the program to a club sport and required that the horses be moved off site.  Since 1992 SPC has operated from many facilities across the Saratoga region and is solidly based out of Bloomfield Farm in Saratoga Springs located less than 2 miles from the Skidmore Campus.

Skidmore Polo holds one National Championship won by the Women's team in 1990.  

Three Skidmore Polo members have won Polo Training Foundation Intercollegiate Player of the Year Awards.

Numerous players have been named to all-star and all-American teams.

Skidmore Polo ponies are notoriously strong and have won many Best Playing Pony and Best String awards over the years.  

Past head coaches include:

Paul Kant,Sue Knight ,Holly Holleran, Richard Kucik, David Zeliger, Jake Burns, Mike Vanderwerken.

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